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The United Arab Emirates is not only a world financial center, but also a fabulous place to stay, an entire country - sightseeing.

An accomplished dream of living in the desert in amazing luxury. The company «Shan Tours» invites you to excursions for tourists to the Emirates - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, desert and mountain safaris, Oman, water parks, hot springs, hot air balloon flight and much more.

Huge selection of excursions for every taste and budget. Acquaintance with history, culture, and the most unusual traditions, spa procedures, dolphin rest, luxury restaurants, Ferrari Park.

We will give you a fairy tale...

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  • Daria Einalieva Russia
    Jalal !!! This person literally gives me suggestions and is constantly new, suffers my changes, and remains on the positive, an excellent employee !!! Thank you for the Excursions and for not letting you miss you. I was still only on the first tour, we went to Oman !!! This is fantastic, I advise everyone to go, you get a lot of pleasure from what surrounds you, the only thing is the road, 2-3 hours you just go by bus))) but it's worth it !!!!! I spent 5 hours sunbathing on the ship, we were given fruits and juices, but for some reason, the winter could not get a tan because in general about the excursion, I advise everyone, I put the pictures.
  • Varvara Skvortsova Russia
    In early December, rested with my mother in Sharjah. On the "word of mouth", or rather, from the Internet, we learned about the company "Shan Tours". While still in Russia, I contacted the manager of Camille, she spoke in detail about the excursions in advance, orienting her about prices. I would like to thank Camille and “Shan Tours” for conducting very informative and well-planned excursions. Special thanks to our guide, Murat, is polite and pleasant to talk to, will tell everything, show everything, answer all questions. He checked several times on the list whether everyone had gathered at the appointed place, at the appointed time, so that no one was lost. If we come back again, be sure to turn to them!
  • Ekaterina Moskvina Russia
    Camille, and the company Shan Tours thank you for the organized excursions, the highest class !!! We all enjoyed it: easy, unobtrusive, measured, everywhere there was enough time to look at everything. Not like some "at a gallop in Europe" Thanks to the guide Murat, a positive, polite, kind, pleasant man, he will tell everything where to eat and so on, he told everything interestingly, he knows everything about the Emirates. We took Dubai and the Global Village. It was informative, fun and easy, went with the child. The guys are experts in their field, a special thanks to Kamila, will support, reassure, answer all questions in detail about the organization of excursions (because we are scrupulous tourists). Be sure to you and next time !!!
  • Elena Pautova Russia
    Thank you for organizing a tour to a new place for us: Warner BROS WORLD ABU DHABI! Everything is fast, understandable, individually, and most importantly for us: the price is lower than the others :) trifle, but nice! Thank you so much, Kamelechka, for all the questions, found the answers, payment for the tour - how convenient it is for the client: with a card, in cash and in currency and dirhams - no problem! I liked it very much, we went with a child of 8 years. Transfer to and from the altitude. Thanks for the work, I will definitely apply only to Shan Tours!
  • Elena Belyakova Russia
    Dear "SHAN TOURS"! I want to express my deep gratitude to all your team in organizing excellent tours of the UAE! They took from you "Desert Safari" and "Overview of Dubai." From the excursions were delighted! Special thanks for being very reverent and attentive to your customers and helped us get on a tour of Dubai, which we did not have time for. I wish you prosperity and all the best of everything !!! I will recommend you to all my friends and acquaintances! You are certainly professionals!
  • Alman Dyomkina Russia
    Hello, we were lucky to be in the UAE! When we were preparing for the trip, we read reviews about hotels … but alas, we were not lucky with the hotel … but this is another topic … Reading the reviews of tourists came across a mention of the company Chance Tour, and we decided to contact them and did not lose! Camille is their manager, explained everything in detail. We ordered four excursions — a sightseeing tour of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, a motor ship in Deira, and a park of flowers. We are still impressed! many bright unforgettable emotions! Guides Larisa and Murad interestingly and informatively all told a lot of new things learned about Dubai, Abu Dhabi. From Dubai remained impressed. There are a lot of emotions … Only now you understand how many did not have time … how many places they did not go to … Of course, you want to return more than once … I will definitely recommend your company to friends and acquaintances. You guys are great! Organization is top notch! We express our gratitude to the company Shan-Tours, we wish you prosperity and more customers!
  • Alexey Leontyev Russia
    Rested in March in the Emirates, took advantage of excursions from the company Shang Tours, all really enjoyed the class !!! I advise this company!
  • Olga Mogilko Russia
    We went in September for the first time in the UAE. And also for the first time appealed to the agency for an excursion to Abu Dhabi. Found a company on the Internet. I liked the reviews, program description, conditions and very good prices !!! Immensely profitable and not expensive for such an excursion. The guide is a smart !!!))) young, cheerful, not annoying and knowledgeable, but not a boring guy! Very sincere and honest about all the pros and cons of rest and life in the Emirates. Gorgeous! I advise everyone !!! I have a lot of photos on the Pts page! And even more emotions and impressions in the baggage of memories !!! Thank you very much!
  • Alina Vildanova Russia
    From 6 to 13 September rested a large company of 7 people in the fabulous Emirates! Thanks to the company Shanturs spent all this time just great, we still remember the excursions and discuss, rejoice, as if this is not the last moment, but an ongoing event. They took 4 excursions, everything was top notch. Dubai sightseeing, everything was interesting, we drove through Fujairah, took pictures on the embankment, near the Atlantis hotel and the famous sailing ship, listened to many interesting things from the mouth of the magnificent guide Murat! We visited the Dubai Mall, saw for free a piece of the aquarium, the fountain "Pearl Fishers". But most importantly - singing fountains! Guys, watching the fountains on video and watching live are completely different things! It is incredibly fascinating, every cell of the body is stretched like a string, emotions are on the heat, it is incredibly beautiful! I highly recommend! The trip to Al Ain was also very pleasant, although it was supposedly not the season. Nobody except our company went, so we went on a small but comfortable bus and were alone. Guide Roman sooo cool! We really liked him. He tried to cheer us up, but he tells us with great expression and emotions. Everything is very clear, accessible, very interesting and with a waving hand. Sources are very relaxing, the skin from after them is soft and beautiful. The hotel where we were brought for lunch is also very cool: there is a platform for a view from the mountain, the dinner was incredibly tasty and the pool was cool. When we asked to stay here for half an hour, Roman answered: no problem. We visited a grove of dates, saw how they climbed behind us, they threw them right from the palm tree, they were very tasty at the zoo and saw a bunch of cool animals. In Abu Dali, saw the chic mosque of Sheikh Zayed. I do not even know how to describe, all this is a must see! Well, desert safari - our favorite! We had the coolest and most skillful driver, so they rolled us along the coolest dunes, while everyone else stood and filmed us on camera) they also rolled me on the jeep window for video. And instead of half an hour, they took us 15 minutes more. Well, Bedouin village is a very fascinating fire show and very tasty kebab. Well, Bedouin village is a very fascinating fire show and very tasty kebab. Thank you very much, Chanturs, you made us rest! We wish you prosperity!
  • Natalya Koltakova Russia
    ShanTurs you are great! Thank you very much for interesting excursions and excellent service! Rest in the UAE only with Shantur, value for money, I recommend to everyone!
  • Nail Zakrin Russia
    We went on a trip to Abu Dhabi. Loved it. Thanks to guide Murat for professionalism.
  • Ravil Abdrashitov Russia
    They took a tour of the desert Safari in this tour. the company. It includes: riding the sand dunes, riding a camel, hookah, dinner in the desert, drawing patterns of henna on the arm (for women), show program: dance tanur, belly dance, Arabic music. Riding on the dunes was very extreme: the jeep literally said up and down and even to the side. Dinner in the desert is amazing, feeling unusual and unforgettable. Everything is organized perfectly, clearly, thank you very much!
  • Alexander Dubov Russia
    It will be my great pleasure to tell you about the “Dow Cruise” in Sharjah and will try to describe all the details and details. I wanted to give my girlfriend an unforgettable evening and began to look for something like romantic dinners on the water. And immediately stumbled upon the “Marina Dhow Cruise”. Excursion bought in “Shang Tours” from all the others attracted his small price. Just imagine how beautiful the night city looks like with incredible skyscrapers. And I was not mistaken in my choice. For us, the driver drove at the appointed time. When we began to approach the place in the horizon, we saw a double-decked boat, we were delighted. On the deck, everything was ready: served tables, chairs with white bows on the backs, waiters in strict suits seated guests. By the way, here it is better to observe the dress code, put on a shirt and tie. How was it romantic to have dinner with your sweetheart under the open sky and admire the amazing view of the city. On the lower deck was a buffet, the food is very tasty, and if you want wine, then this is for a fee, the waiters were very friendly and welcoming. Our trip slowly came to an end and the organizers called us to the lower deck and sat on the prepared chairs. And then came the girl who began to dance the Arab belly dance. It was very beautiful, my girlfriend was delighted, we took a lot of great photos. Thank you for an unforgettable evening.
  • Marcel Kadrov Russia
    The whole family decided to go on vacation in the UAE - Sharji. We wanted to not only relax ourselves, but also leave an unforgettable impression to our children! After reading all the reviews, we chose the IMG World Adventure excursion from Shan Tours, the prices arranged for us. They took, brought on time, thank you. There are four separate universes in this park. The entertainment complex is located under the roof, air conditioning everywhere, do not forget warm things. Our son liked the Marvel universe more, because there is Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, all the favorite characters from the comics. And the daughter was just in awe of the Cartoon Network universe. There are also many good restaurants and shops. And here as in all attractions there is a restriction on growth. Responsible, good staff. Our children and we were delighted, visited other worlds.
  • Alina Kadrova Russia
    In the autumn of this year, the whole family rested in Sharjah on a ticket. Our son likes Lego, having learned that there is a whole Lego park here, we naturally really wanted to go there. We thought to go on our own first, but this is problematic, since this park is located outside the city. We were advised to tour Shan Tours, the prices we are very pleased. We were taken at the appointed time from the hotel, thanks to our guide Murat told us in detail. This is an amazing fairy-tale world: a new park, clean, picturesque, many restaurants and souvenirs. For children and even for adults, this is paradise. The son was delighted, especially he liked the water slides in the lego water park, we collected our own ship from lego - this is great. Most of the rides are outdoors so don’t forget hats =) Even buildings here are made like real lego bricks - it’s just amazing. The staff is very friendly, the attraction is safe. Many attractions for children aged 3 and above, as well as a playground for children under 3 years old. We noticed that in one of the rides there is a waiting area for a little kid with Lego toys. In general, we had a great time in Legoland Dubai and thanks to Shang Tours)
  • Violetta Silakova Russia
    We went with a friend in the desert safari, very much. Received maximum pleasure. We rode jeeps, quad bikes, camels, watched various incredible shows, dances, smoked a delicious hookah! I recommend to everyone.
  • Olesya Sytina Russia
    We heard about Shantour agency in Chelyabinsk, our friends went on excursions from this agency. Therefore, there were no questions with whom to rest))! We went on a sightseeing tour of Dubai, I liked everything very much. All had time! And take a photo and take a walk, and a show to see. Murat, the guide, told everything in detail and suggested if there were any questions! In general, we recommend Shantur !!!)))
  • Christina Gorban Russia
    Our family thanks the company Shanturs and separately Jalal for their help and the organization of excursions mountain and sand safaris. All questions were resolved quickly and all wishes were taken into account. Thank you very much!
  • Evgeny Shishin Russia
    Many thanks to Kamil !!! She helped to book selected excursions at pre-New Year prices, she explained everything in detail. My wife and I are delighted with the desert jeep safari. From emotions and a surge of adrenaline just overwhelmed. The professionalism of the driver at the height. We wish everyone to experience those feelings that make you think like that otherwise. Also, thanks for the sightseeing in Dubai. Very informative and interesting, I discovered a lot of new things. Guide all the time talking about the country, customs and local history. Successes to you - Shan Tours in business, you are great.

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